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As previously mentioned, it’s not easy to find an appropriate roof rack for the T3/T25. Roof rack systems are usually relatively heavy and pricey and other option result in more or less convincing racks with a lot of potential. The roof rack I built for our Kyrgyzstan trip did its job but was never nice to look at and flexible. Thus, I had to build a new one. I constructed a new rack based on extremely heavy-duty brackets made from 3 mm zinc coated and powder coated steel. On top I mounted aluminium bars between the sides and further ones to connect and to stabilise the rack. The aluminium bars have grooves to mount all kinds of things based on M6 bolts.

By now I can also offer the rack in all black, which means black brackets and black bars (bolts, washers and nuts are not black).

Basically, I can plan a perfect rack for any set-up. Depending on the roof and the usage the requirements are different. Furthermore, it is possible to easily extend the rack later and it is possible to start with a tiny rack (e.g. for a solar cell) and extend it later on for a spare wheel or roof boxes.

NOTICE: This roof rack can also be constructed for other cars with rain rail roof rack mount. This includes Landrover Defender and Discovery, Toyota Landcruiser and Hilux, Mitsubishi L300, Iveco Turbo Daily, Mercedes Benz T1, Sprinter and many more. For different cars I have to adjust the brackets because the roof heights above rain rail is different.

If you’re interested in such a roof rack, just send me a message via the contact form. Ideally this includes the following information:

- car (model/year)
- type of the rain rail
- height difference between rain rail and highest point of the roof (all cars except T
- width of the roof (front, centre, rear)
- positioning on the roof
- gear you want to mount
- colour
- elbows (universal) to mount an awning (yes/no)
- further special things to know
- sketch (if you already have one)

As soon as I get a request from you, I’ll think about it and respond as soon as possible. I also support you in trying to find the best solution. Of course, the price is really variable due to different set-ups and cars.

Price (2 traverses à 1400 mm) : 300 CHF

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