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An awning – a “must-have“ for a T3/T25 or any other travel vehicle. It is small packed, doesn’t use any storage room (stored outside), has a low drag and extends the living space of the van immensely, especially in strong sun or rain. There are various awnings on the market and it’s always the question how to mount it. If you have a roof rack it is quite easy and you just mount it on the rack. But if you have a pop top, you have to mount it on the rain rail. This solution seems pretty easy but it’s not, especially for a Syncro and people that like to go offroad. The rain rail is not meant to be strained away from the van but more from the top to the bottom. And if you go a bit more into rough terrain, the awning as well as the rain rail should survive it.

Therefore, I offer a set of three universal rain rail awning brackets which are of course compatible to pop tops. This results in a force distribution of the awning on three (two times 10 cm and once 5 cm) instead of usually two parts of the rain rail. The sizes of the brackets are different to also mount them on busses, not only panel vans.

The brackets are made from 4 mm steel, zinc and powder coated.

If you’re interested please write me a message via the contact form. Usually I reply within one day.

Price: 80 CHF

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